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UW CSE Professional Master’s Program expands

CSElogoText_144For the first time since its inception in 1996, the UW CSE Professional Master’s Program (PMP) is expanding:  from 130 students to 160, and from three offered courses each quarter to four.  The PMP – a part-time evening program targeted towards talented software industry professionals with strong undergraduate preparation in computer science or computer engineering and three or more years of professional experience – has awarded nearly 500 degrees since its inception.

Longtime PMP Advisor Dave Rispoli is excited about the change.  “Demand had grown to the point where we were unable to accommodate a significant number of highly qualified applicants.  The expansion will restore balance.  There has never been a better time to apply!”

To earn their degree, PMP students complete one four-credit course plus a one-credit colloquium course for eight quarters.  PMP courses are taught by the same top-ranked faculty who teach UW CSE’s full-time graduate and undergraduate courses.  “We have an 85% graduation rate,” says Rispoli, “which means that even students who are putting in extraordinary work hours can earn their degree in a reasonable time and maintain some semblance of a home life.  It’s not easy, but the program’s flexibility means that, at least for the vast majority of those who are accepted, it’s doable.”

The next PMP application deadline is November 1, for a Winter Quarter start.  Additional application deadlines are February 1 for Spring Quarter, and July 1 for Autumn Quarter.

Additional information on CSE’s Professional Master’s Program can be found by contacting Dave at or by viewing the PMP Web page at