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“New NSF Engineering Research Center to Pursue Ideal Mind–Machine Interface”

The National Science Foundation press release on the Engineering Research Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering, directed by UW CSE professor Yoky Matsuoka, is out.  According to NSF:

“The National Science Foundation announces an award to the University of Washington and its partners to establish a new NSF Engineering Research Center. The ERC will pursue interdisciplinary research and education to address questions important to both human health and robotics, and to provide the foundation for new industries through innovation. NSF will invest $18.5 million in the Center over the next five years.

“The NSF ERC for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering will create devices to restore or augment the body’s capabilities for sensation and movement. The foundation for the new devices will be new mathematical and structural understanding of the nervous system. Center researchers will combine this new understanding with improved communication and interface design and with advanced control and adaptation technologies.”

Read the NSF press release here.  Visit the CSNE website to learn more about the research here.  Computing Community Consortium blog post here.