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“Why Northeastern University chose Seattle, and what the UW’s Ed Lazowska thinks about it”

Following up on a Seattle Times article announcing that Northeastern University is contemplating opening a campus in Seattle to offer master’s degrees in information assurance, health informatics and computer science, GeekWire interviews Northeastern’s senior strategist and market development officer, Sean Gallagher, and UW CSE’s Ed Lazowska.

Gallagher:  “The Seattle metro area has been a leader in job creation and the growth of its knowledge economy … There has been rapid and sustained growth in Seattle and in the state in jobs preferring or requiring a master’s degree, and given state budget cuts and other dynamics, the demand for educated professionals exceeds supply.”

Lazowska … tells GeekWire that he welcomes additional educational opportunities. He points out that there is lots of demand from students and employers.

Lazowska:  “We have one of the nation’s top undergraduate programs, one of the nation’s top graduate programs, and one of the nation’s top professional masters degree programs. Students who want to work at Microsoft or or Google or startups, or who are currently working there and want to gain additional education, are not going to choose Northeastern over UW, even independent of the significant tuition differential. The tragedy is that there isn’t more of us to go around. This leaves highly qualified individuals who live here with insufficient options.”

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