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GeekWire reprises Shwetak Patel as a “GeekWire Newsmaker of 2011″

Shwetak Patel, Sidhant Gupta, Art Rosenfeld

Two days ago, GeekWire‘s highlighted “Newsmaker of 2011” was UW CSE offspring Daniil Kulchenko (son of Ph.D. student Paul Kulchenko).

Today it’s UW CSE faculty member Shwetak Patel – the photo at left, from yesterday, shows Shwetak and Ph.D. student Sidhant Gupta describing the ElectriSense technology to Art Rosenfeld, Distinguished Scientist Emeritus at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Professor Emeritus of Physics at UC Berkeley, the impetus behind California’s extraordinary energy efficiency efforts, and father-in-law of UW CSE professor Dan Weld.

“Is there anything Shwetak Patel can’t do with a home electrical system?  We’re often left pondering that question after hearing about the latest high-tech exploits of the University of Washington assistant professor and his collaborators.”

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