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“Local boy genius makes good” (Tacoma News Tribune)

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“Google ‘Christophe Bisciglia.’ You’ll learn how the 27-year-old Google wunderkind, who grew up in Gig Harbor, made the cover of Business Week magazine last month for a breakthrough technological innovation.

“Bisciglia devised a way to re-create for the academic community a computational platform similar to the one used by Google engineers to manage a world’s worth of data and provide eye-blink-fast Internet searches. Bisciglia’s approach started with a bank of interconnected, data-packed computers installed at the University of Washington.

“Your Google search also will pull up a newspaper story describing how Bisciglia hacked into the computer network of a Port Orchard Internet service provider in 1999, sent disparaging e-mails about the company to all its customers, and uploaded a pornographic photo – a close-up of a man’s bare rear end – to the company’s Web site …”