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“‘Dinosaur’ computer stalls Seattle schools’ plans” (Seattle Times)

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“An aging computer – so old that the University of Washington has an early model on display as a museum piece – stands between the Seattle School Board and the changes it wants to make in how the district assigns students to schools …

“The VAX was first sold in 1979, and early models were about as big as two refrigerators. Hank Levy, chairman of the UW’s computer-science and engineering department, was part of the team that designed its operating system. The VAX on display in the lobby of the department’s Paul G. Allen Center was an early model that Levy said at one time ‘ran our entire department …’

“‘It was a great system for its day, but its day is long past,’ Levy said … Although it’s hard to compare computing power of different systems, he also said that, in rough terms, even the later-model VAXes have only about 1/20th the power of an iPhone.”