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“Gathering in Berkeley, Calif., today to honor legendary scientist, Microsoft researcher Jim Gray” (Seattle Times)

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“Today’s event will also include the announcement of the Jim Gray Chair, which drew contributions from up and down the West Coast.

“Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates, Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt, and Marc Benioff, CEO of Microsoft rival, each donated $250,000 within a few hours of being asked, according to Ed Lazowska, a University of Washington computer science professor who helped with the fundraising. A fourth donor, Mike Stonebraker, also donated $250,000. He is a Berkeley professor and founder of Ingres, a database system.

“Their donations are being matched by $1 million from the Hewlett Foundation, as in Hewlett-Packard. A mix of additional gifts includes $75,000 from Google and $200,000 from Microsoft, which is passing on a prize that Gray won.

“‘It’s another indication of how Jim spans all kinds of differences and brings people together,’ Lazowska said.”

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