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CSE Affiliate Professor Dave Cutler wins National Medal of Technology

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The National Medal of Technology honors America’s leading innovators. Cutler is best known for his contributions to operating systems: RSX-11/M, VAX/VMS, VAXeln, and Windows NT. CSE’s Ed Lazowska, in his letter of support for Bill Gates’s nomination of Cutler, wrote: “Cutler … has an incredible facility for creating designs that will work, for leading teams that implement these designs according to spec – correct, on-time, within budget, and meeting performance goals – and for building the most critical and challenging aspects himself … Project after project, for more than 30 years, Cutler has succeeded at accomplishing the impossible (or at least the highly unlikely) through insight, talent, skill, leadership, and force of will. The result, as the nomination states, is ‘fundamental contributions to computer architecture, to compilers, to operating systems, and to software engineering’ that ‘enabled a trillion dollars of industry revenue.'”