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Dr. Dobb’s CodeTalk interviews UW CSE alumnus Ethan John

“Ethan John professes to not enjoy writing code. Testing, on the other hand, he enjoys immensely. That makes him my kind of Computer Science graduate: the kind who codes only because it gives him an excuse to test. Ethan currently works for Isilon Systems, who I am sure is happy to have the advantage of his love for testing.

“Here is what Ethan has to say:

“DDJ: What was your first introduction to testing?

“EJ: I was in school, and got a job as a research assistant on a project called UrbanSim. It was an Agile house, minus pair programming, so they were doing test driven and iterative development in Java. I had only heard about TDD a few months prior, and my initial experiences with it had been positive. Unit tested code tended to work more consistently out of the gate than otherwise, and I was sold after just a few weeks on the project …”

Article here.