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Barron’s editorial slags federal support for basic research; Lazowska responds” (Computing Research Policy Blog)

“Continued investment is necessary to maintain our leadership and competitiveness. Achieving many of the ‘societal grand challenges’ of this century will depend critically on further fundamental advances in IT: the engineering of new tools that will transform scientific discovery; advancing personalized learning; shifting towards predictive, preventive, personalized, participatory medicine; enhancing national security; developing smart controls and smart electric grids needed to address energy and climate challenges. Many of the ‘grand challenges’ of IT itself will have broad implications for society: securing cyberspace; designing truly scalable systems; enhancing virtual reality; creating the future of networking; infusing ‘computational thinking’ into a wide variety of disciplines which are themselves becoming ‘information sciences’; driving advances in entirely new approaches to computing such as quantum computing. Research is the key to making progress on these grand challenges.”

Article here.