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TechFlash: Google reaches out, treads carefully with startup community

Brian Bershad in Front of the Paul Allen Center

Brian Bershad at the Paul Allen Center

TechFlash reporter John Cook writes about the Seattle Startup Weekend held at Google‘s Fremont engineering office last weekend, and quotes UW CSE professor and graduate (PhD ’90) Brian Bershad, currently on leave to serve as site manager at the Fremont facility.

We are trying to be good neighbors. We don’t want to stomp on people. We don’t want to go raiding people of their employees. We want people to feel like they can come to us and talk openly about what they are doing and feel safe.

Cook says that Microsoft— which co-sponsored the event– has been working to rehabilitate their image with the start-up community after mis-steps led to a poor image in the ’80s and ’90s.

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