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Oren Etzioni talks of startups, venture capital, and the future of web search

Oren EtzioniCSE’s Oren Etzioni recently sat down with Rachel Tompa for Xconomy to talk about his philosophies on technology, startups, and investing in the current economy.  He also talked about his most recent projects, two new software technologies that search the web in innovative ways.

PanImages, an image search tool, mines Google Images and Flickr for pictures and is a step towards an Internet that is not limited by language barriers. With PanImages, you can find pictures on Web pages that are written in hundreds of languages. Simply type in a word in your own language, and PanImages will find a list of translations into multiple languages at once.

TextRunner searches 500 million web pages for relationships between words.  You can type in a question like “What kills bacteria?” and it finds everything in these 500 million pages that has the relationship “kill” to bacteria, returning answers ranked by the number of hits.

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