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“Impinj navigates nascent RFID market with unique technology, strategy – and patience”

Impinj corporate logo“What is the most exciting company in Seattle?” Gregory Huang of Xconomy recently asked this question of Patrick Ennis, head of technology for Bellevue, WA-based Intellectual Ventures, and  was surprised at the answer:  Impinj.  Impinj, founded in 2000 by UW CSE’s own  Chris Diorio, is well-known for its focus on radio-frequency identification (RFID) technologies.  Diorio, a student of microelectronics pioneer Carver Mead at Caltech (and current CSE affiliate faculty), serves as Impinj’s chairman and chief technology officer. ‘“He’s a fantastic professor and entrepreneur,” Ennis says. “Usually, professors just want to be professors.  When you find an entrepreneur professor, it is heaven.”‘

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