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UW CSE’s Luis Ceze and collaborators score two 2008 computer architecture “top picks”

luiscezeThe January/February 2009 issue of IEEE Micro is a Special Issue containing the sixth annual “Top Picks from Computer Architecture Conferences.”  Quoting from the Guest Editors’ Introduction, “This issue has become an important tradition in the computer architecture community, and one of the most important forms of recognition of research excellence.”

Two of the 12 papers selected for this prestigious recognition were authored by UW CSE’s Luis Ceze:  “Atom-Aid: Detecting and Surviving Atomicity Violations” and “SoftSig: Software-Exposed Hardware Signatures for Code Analysis and Optimization.”  UW CSE second-year graduate students Brandon Lucia and Joseph Devietti and UW CSE affiliate professor Karin Strauss were among Ceze’s co-authors.