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Local boy makes good

Rylan HawkinsGoing to UW certainly has its advantages, but at registration time, it can be exhausting and frustration.  UW CSE’s senior Rylan Hawkins understands this too well.  Hawkins created a web site called Visual Schedule Finder (VSF) — at — to help students find available classes.  VSF began as an engineering class group project last spring.  Rylan now manages the site, making it much more than a class project, using his summer and holiday breaks to tweak the program.

The program allows students to search for schedules based on starting time, ending time, departments, credits, or teachers.  The web site stores chosen classes and allows students to view their schedules visually to ensure they have no problems when it comes time to register.   The site is powered with UW’s current time-schedule data, is free for all students, and is updated daily.

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