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HydroSense wins UW Environmental Innovation Challenge

CSE's Jon Froehlich presents Hydrosense

CSE's Jon Froehlich presents HydroSense

HydroSense — a team led by UW CSE graduate student Jon Froehlich and advised by UW CSE faculty members Shwetak Patel, James Fogarty, and James Landay, won the $10,000 grand prize in UW’s Environmental Innovation Challenge.  Other members of the Hydrosense team included CSE graduate student Kate Everitt, MechE junior Tim Campbell, EE senior Alex Horton, EE graduate student Jianlei Shi, BioE graduate student Rahber Thariani, and Community, Environment and Planning senior Conor Haggerty.

HydroSense focused on the problem of water leakage in the United States, which accounts for 10 percent of average household water used.  As part of their winning strategy, the team developed a device that screws onto a single water faucet and uses an analysis of acoustic vibrations and pressure differential signatures of water flow to determine usage.

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