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TechFlash on OVP Venture Partners Technology Summit

lazowska“University of Washington computer science professor Ed Lazowska is known as a straight talking rabble-rouser who doesn’t pull many punches.  And he certainly lived up to that reputation today at the OVP Venture Partners Technology Summit …

“Lazowska – who appeared on stage with the equally opinionated Mark Anderson of the Strategic News Service – reserved his toughest comments for a Lake Wobegon mentality in the state where everything appears to be above average.

“‘It seems to me that the issue with this state is that we are one big happy family in which everybody is doing extremely well.  Everyone’s college program is above average.  And everyone’s company is above average.  And everyone’s venture fund is above average.  And if you go a little bit more above average than the next guy, then they get all Dirty Harry and whack you down.  It’s the State of Whac-a-Mole … I worry that those who excel, and excel honestly, aren’t celebrated in this state'”

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