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CSE’s Susan Eggers is UC Berkeley “Distinguished Alumnus”

susancropped1Susan Eggers, Microsoft Professor of Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Washington, has been named the 2009 Distinguished Alumnus of UC Berkeley’s Computer Science Division.  She will be recognized at the UC Berkeley commencement on Sunday May 24.

Eggers’s achievements in computer architecture have earned her recognition as a Member of the National Academy of Engineering and as a Fellow of ACM, IEEE, and AAAS.

Eggers, who will be recognized along with Steve McCanne,  joins a “Who’s Who” of computer scientists who are Berkeley alums and have received this recognition — among the recipients during the first decade of the award were Doug Engelbart, Ken Thompson, Bill Joy, Jim Gray, Niklaus Wirth, Butler Lampson, Randy Katz, Len Adleman, Chuck Thacker, Eric Schmidt, Steve Wozniak, and Barbara Liskov.

Congratulations Susan on another well-deserved honor!