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Pavan Vaswani wins UW President’s Medal!

20090604_pid50125_aid49938_vaswani_w2501CSE’s graduating senior Pavan Vaswani has won the University of Washington President’s Medal, awarded annually to the top student in UW’s 7,500+ person graduating class.

Pavan is majoring in CSE, neurobiology and biochemistry. His decision to come to the UW was heavily influenced by the assurance that he could become involved in research the day that he arrived on campus. Indeed, his experience working with faculty in a research setting caused him to broaden his degree ambitions, which had begun with computer science.

Pavan is a Goldwater Scholar, a Mary Gates Scholar and a Washington Scholar. He also has received the Research Fellowship for Advanced Undergraduates and is a Space Grant Scholar. He is currently working in a laboratory in the Department of Neurological Surgery, where he is developing a device to measure brain pressure non-invasively using ultrasound.

Pavan plans to attend The Johns Hopkins University in an M.D.-Ph.D. program. He is ultimately planning a career in medical research.

Previously, Pavan was the UW Sophomore Medalist and the UW Junior Medalist (awarded to the top student in each of those classes).  Recently he was awarded the UW Arts & Sciences Dean’s Medal for the Sciences, given to the top graduating student in the sciences.  Read more about Pavan and his accomplishments here.