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Forbes ranks UW #1 for alumni remaining in-state

forbes_home_logoMost states suffer a significant “brain drain” of graduates from their flagship universities.  Not so for the University of Washington!  Forbes Magazine ranks UW #1 in the nation for the proportion of its graduates that are still working in-state 5 years after graduation.

The state doing the best job of holding onto its top public university graduates is Washington. No fewer than 74% of University of Washington grads remain in the Evergreen State, well ahead of second-ranked Minnesota, which retains 67% from the University of Minnesota.”

UW CSE contributes strongly to this, even at the graduate level.  At the June 2009 commencement, UW CSE awarded 82 Masters degrees and 24 Ph.D. degrees.  Of these 106 graduate degree recipients, 60 (57%) came from Washington State, and 89 (84%) remained in Washington State after receiving their degrees.

Read the Forbes article here.  See the data on various flagship public universities here.