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“UW helped seed IBM’s new cloud offerings”

cloudburstbox530x155The Seattle Times interviews Dennis Quan, IBM’s director of autonomic computing development in Raleigh, N.C., regarding IBM’s new “CloudBurst” offering:

“Blueprints for IBM’s cloud offerings came from a joint research project with Google.  It initially explored business intelligence at big schools and large-scale analytics, which led to the creation of a cloud-computing cluster at the UW and two run by IBM in 2007.  ‘The work that was done as part of that project really informed how we can put together large cloud datacenters that can efficiently process terabytes, petabytes, of information across thousands of machines,’ he said.  The early clusters also ‘kind of provide the blueprints for the designs we base these new clouds on,’ he said.”

UW’s cloud computing course was profiled in Business Week in December 2007.  The web materials from the most recent version of the course, CSE490H, are here.  The startup company Cloudera involves a number of the principals of the original UW course.

Read the Seattle Times article here.