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“Vanish” in the news!

vanishlogoWidespread press coverage of UW CSE’s “Vanish” project.  From the New York Times:  “A group of computer scientists at the University of Washington has developed a way to make electronic messages ‘self destruct’ after a certain period of time, like messages in sand lost to the surf. The researchers said they think the new software, called Vanish, … will be needed more and more as personal and business information is stored not on personal computers, but on centralized machines, or servers.”

Researchers on the project include CSE PhD candidate Roxana Geambasu, CSE undergrad Amit Levy, and CSE professors Tadayoshi Kohno and Hank Levy.

Read the UW press release here.

See research project information here.

Read the NY Times article here.  (It was the 4th most emailed science article, ranking just ahead of “Toilet is Fixed on Space Station.”)

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