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The Geek’s Guide to Seattle

ggmapOur friends at TechFlash have just published a wonderful “Geek’s Guide to Seattle” – twenty “must see” tourist stops for techies.  Among the hotspots:

Paul G. Allen Center for Computer Science & Engineering, University of Washington – “This building, named after Microsoft’s co-founder, is the region’s nerve center for computer science education, sending graduates to Microsoft, Google, Amazon and many others.”

Wilcox Hall, University of Washington – “This was the UW computer center, known as Roberts Hall Annex, 40 years ago when two kids named Paul Allen and Bill Gates hung out here, honing their programming skills using punched cards on a CDC 6400 and a Burroughs 5500. Walking through the aging building’s halls today, it’s not hard to picture.”

Birthplace of LiveJournal, Mercer Hall East, University of Washington – “This dorm was at the forefront a social media revolution. Brad Fitzpatrick was a University of Washington Computer Science & Engineering student in 1999 when he developed the pioneering LiveJournal blog service, working primarily in this building.”

See the full Geek’s Guide to Seattle here!  Jumbo-sized interactive map version here.  Handy printable PDF here.  TechFlash article describing the project here.