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Announcing the 2009-10 UW CSE Distinguished Lecturer Series!

DLS0910Spaceflight, molecular gastronomy, wireless, and computer science:

  • Charles Simonyi (Intentional Software), “Return to the Final Frontier”
  • Nathan Myhrvold and Chris Young (Intellectual Ventures), “Cooking in Silico: Understanding Heat Transfer in the Modern Kitchen”
  • Irwin Jacobs (Qualcomm), “From Cell Phones to Smart Phones to Smart Books – An Exciting Journey” (also the 2009-10 UW Electrical Engineering Dean Lytle Memorial Lecture)
  • Craig Mundie (Microsoft), “Rethinking Computing”
  • Pat Hanrahan (Stanford), “Why are Graphics Systems So Fast?”

Be there!

See the schedule here.  See the poster hereTechFlash post hereXconomy post here.