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CSE’s Yoshi Kohno featured in Xcomony

Yoshi Kohno

UW CSE’s Yoshi Kohno talks to Xconomy reporter Rachel Tompa about computer security and privacy.

“‘We’re seeing computers in all aspects of our lives, in medical devices, exercise equipment, cars, airplanes, utility systems, power lines, everywhere,’ Kohno said. ‘One of my main concerns is that while we’ve thought a lot about security for our desktop computers, computing is much broader than that, and we need to address security for all of it.'”

Kohno, who is kicking off the Technology’s Alliance’s Science and Technology Discovery Series with a lecture this morning, also teaches undergraduate and graduate classes on computer security and privacy at UW, and has received National Science Foundation for a computer security and privacy outreach effort for middle school and high school students in the next year.

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