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Dan Halperin, Kathleen Tuite Awarded Intel Fellowships

ktuite-profiledan-halperinUW CSE graduate students Dan Halperin and Kathleen Tuite are among 26 exemplary Ph.D. students from across the nation who have been named recipients of Intel Ph.D. Fellowships.  The Intel Ph.D. Fellowship program focuses on research in Intel’s principal technical areas:  Hardware Systems Technology and Design, Software Technology and Design, and Semiconductor Technology and Manufacturing.

Dan, who is advised by Tom Anderson and David Wetherall, was awarded his fellowship for research “enabling the realistic design of next generation wireless systems.”

Kathleen, who is advised by Zoran Popovic, was awarded her fellowship for “active world reconstruction through a real-world multiplayer game.”

Information about the fellowships may be found here.

Congratulations Dan and Kathleen!