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“Intel Labs Seattle’s New Director, Dieter Fox, on Why the Future of Robotics Matters to Intel”

Intel-lab-directorsUW CSE’s Dieter Fox is the fourth director of Seattle’s Intel Labs, officially succeeding UW CSE’s David Wetherall two weeks ago.  At Intel Labs Seattle’s open house yesterday afternoon, Xconomy’s Gregory Huang had a chance to talk to both about the lab’s role in shaping the future of computing.

“‘Our role with respect to Intel is performing what they call disrupting research that is off-roadmap, but essentially our task is also to surprise Intel,’ Fox says.  ‘If we show what can be done with future computing systems, then we are serving our purpose.  And beyond surprising Intel, we also want to surprise consumers by what can be done.  It’s becoming more and more important that these computational systems are going to be observing the environment, using sensors.  Today’s smartphones all have GPS, accelerometers, and all that.  The key question is, how can we extract relevant information to make it more interesting for users?'”

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