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“Nathan Myhrvold’s Cookbook”

myhrvold3TechFlash reports on a presentation in UW CSE’s Distinguished Lecturer Series by Nathan Myhrvold and Chris Young of Intellectual Ventures.

“What do you do if you’re a wealthy technologist and are interested in food? Take some classes at the Cordon Bleu, right? Well, if you’re Nathan Myhrvold — former CTO of Microsoft and founder of Intellectual Ventures — you take it a step further. Myhrvold hired a team of 15 people, including a chef from a famous London restaurant, who are helping him write a 1,500-page tome on the science of cooking. Today he showed off his culinary research in a lecture at the University of Washington, and treated the crowd to almond ice cream made with liquid nitrogen.”

Read the full post here.

On-demand video of this terrific presentation here.