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“Top-ranked Authors in ‘Operating Systems'”

lazowskabershadlevyandersonWe don’t have a clue about the methodology … and we’re not gonna question it!

According to Microsoft Academic Search, four of the top ten authors in the Operating Systems field are from UW CSETom Anderson, Hank Levy, Brian Bershad, and Ed Lazowska.

(Others in the top ten:  John Ousterhout (Berkeley -> Sun -> Scriptics -> Electric Cloud -> Stanford), Satya (CMU), Frans Kaashoek (MIT), Dave Patterson (Berkeley), Anoop Gupta (Stanford -> Microsoft), and Peter Druschel (Rice -> Max Planck Institute).  UW CSE’s Susan Eggers and John Zahorjan make the top 50, out of 1,000 authors ranked.)

Read all about it … here!  (Cleaned up and saved for posterity here.)

News flash! Hank Levy’s VAXclusters paper has just been added to the SIGOPS Hall of Fame, recognizing the most influential Operating Systems papers appearing in the peer reviewed literature at least ten years in the past!