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Seattle Business “Top 25 Innovators and Entrepreneurs”

seattlebusiness_logoSeattle Business magazine has named its “Top 25 Innovators and Entrepreneurs” for 2009.  Friends of UW CSE are well represented, which we are assured has nothing to do with the fact that UW CSE’s Ed Lazowska was on the selection panel.  See the full list here, which includes:

  • CSE friend Jeff Bezos, CEO of
  • Apptio CEO Sunny Gupta, who cut his teeth with UW CSE startup Performant, which was sold to Mercury Interactive.
  • UW CSE affiliate professor Lee Hood, from the Institute for Systems Biology.
  • Scott Roza, CEO of UW CSE startup Skytap.
  • UW CSE Bachelors student Sunil Garg, for his capstone course project that attacks the shortage of computers in developing countries by allowing students to share computers.
  • UW CSE friend Ben Slivka, founder of K-12 math education startup DreamBox Learning.
  • UW CSE alumnus Jeremy Jaech, a serial entrepreneur with Aldus, Visio, Trumba, and Verdiem.