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“The Changing Face of Venture Capital”

p2sm1OVP Venture Partner’s Mark Ashida writes in Xconomy about the UW CSE Industrial Affiliates Meeting, particularly the panel discussion on “The Changing Face of Venture Capital” which featured Mark, Greg Gottesman (Madrona Venture Group), Ron Howell (WRF Capital), Bill McAleer (Voyager Capital), Cam Myhrvold (Ignition Partners), and was moderated by CSE’s Ed Lazowska.

“The University of Washington Computer Science & Engineering Affiliates day is one of the most fun and rewarding days of the year for me as venture investor and geek. It involves a showcase of projects and research areas by professors and students and is a festival of creativity, new ideas, and engaged smart people. It is a day my colleagues and I look forward to every year …”

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