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The Madrona Prize

madrona-venture-group-logoEach year at UW CSE’s Industrial Affiliates Meeting, our friends at Madrona Venture Group recognize the most “entrepreneurially interesting” graduate student research presentations.

This year, a truly interdisciplinary team of students won the Madrona Prize.  CSE Ph.D. students Jon Froehlich and Sidhant Gupta, EE Ph.D. students Eric Larson and Gabe Cohn, and MechE undergraduate Tim Campbell were honored on their work on sustainability sensing.  Professors Shwetak Patel, James Landay, and James Fogarty have been closely collaborating on this effort.

Three runners up were recognized:  Roxana Geambasu and Amit Levy for Vanish (self-destructing digital data), Ethan Katz-Bassett for Reverse Traceroute, and Brandon Lucia and Joe Devietti for Deterministic Multiprocessing.