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CSE’s Justine Sherry, Rita Sodt, Eric Kimbrel recognized in CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Research Awards

KimbrelSodtSherryEach year the Computing Research Association recognizes a small number of the nation’s undergraduates with the CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Research Awards.

In the 2010 competition, CSE’s Justine Sherry was selected as the national winner among females.

CSE’s Rita Sodt was selected as a finalist.

And CSE’s Eric Kimbrel received an honorable mention.

Congratulations to Justine, Rita, and Eric!  They join 32 previous CSE undergraduates who have been recognized by CRA since the inception of this award in 1995.  As of a year ago, UW CSE ranked #1 in the nation in the number of undergraduates recognized with CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Research Awards in the preceding decade; that record should continue.