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Muscle-Sensing for Computer Input

A research collaboration between UW CSE’s James Landay and graduate student Scott Saponas, Microsoft Research, and the University of Toronto is developing a muscle-controlled interface enabling gesture-driven interaction with computers.  “It’s perhaps the most promising of the billion or so Minority-Report-aspiring prototype interfaces,” says Popular Science.

“The new muscle-sensing project is ‘going after healthy consumers who want richer input modalities,’ says Desney Tan, a researcher at Microsoft and UW CSE affiliate faculty. As a result, he and his colleagues had to come up with a system that was inexpensive and unobtrusive and that reliably sensed a range of gestures.”

Read the MIT Technology Review article here.  Read the Popular Science article here.  Read the paper presented at the User Interface Software and Technology 2009 here.

December 7, 2009