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“Lighten your footprint by sharing”

This lovely article in Pacific Magazine describes the relationship between UW CSE alum Damon Danieli and Sara Denis, a stranger who donated her kidney to him.

“Sara Denis, a 35-year-old medical-office scheduler, shared something even more rare than a neurologist — her ‘extra’ kidney.

“She knows it sounds crazy. Her husband thought so, too. So did most of her friends. ‘They were like, ‘Oooh, no! What are you thinking???!!’ ‘ …

“At, where people who need kidneys pay for listings, she found a local patient. And a picture.

“It was a husband, like hers. With children, like her child. And a mom, ‘like me,’ Denis recalled.

“It was Damon Danieli, a software developer, husband and father. Over months, the two e-mailed and eventually met. On Aug. 19, 2008, Denis gave Danieli her right kidney.”

Read the full article here.