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“How budget cuts short-changed the UW”

An adaptation by Crosscut of Ed Lazowska’s analysis of how the University of Washington fared in the 2009-11 biennial state budget.

“There can be room for honest debate about whether the decisions that were made by the legislature and the governor were smart in terms of the future of the state, but there shouldn’t be any confusion regarding the facts. As we enter another difficult budget session, it’s important to think about where those decisions put the university and what steps will best position our region and the kids who grow up here for the future …

“These are difficult economic times — for families, for businesses, and for governments. Those states and regions that emerge the strongest will be those that make smart choices that position them to compete successfully. Smart choices begin with a clear understanding of the decisions of the past, their impact on the present, and the opportunities of the future.”

Read the Crosscut article hereEven better, read the original, with additional charts and tables, here.