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“While current technology is deployed, UW researchers work on next-generation devices”

University Week reports on the work of UW CSE’s Shwetak Patel.

“Most of the technology that will be installed as part of the UW smart grid demonstration project is commercially available. But UW engineers developing the next generation of smart-grid technologies will use data from the pilot project to advance their research.

“UW CSE’s Shwetak Patel is developing easily installed devices that measure consumption in real time down to the level of a single outlet. The device uses electrical noise to measure how much power is being used by everything from your coffee maker to your TiVo.  A growing number of gadgets can measure electricity consumption. What is unique about Patel’s system is it consists of a single, low-cost device that can be stuck on the outside of a residential fuse box and record electrical activity throughout the home — no electrician required. ”

Read the complete UWeek article here.  Read more about the research here.