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Happy 80th, Hellmut Golde!

UW CSE alum Judy Maleng hosted CSE faculty and students from the early years (when UW CSE was purely a graduate program) to celebrate the 80th birthday of Hellmut Golde, who played an instrumental role in launching UW CSE.  Photos of the event are posted here.

The same group convened at Judy’s 7 years ago to celebrate the 80th birthday of Jerre Noe, founding chair of UW CSE.  Photos of that event can be seen here.

Our warm thanks go out to Judy for being a key component of the “glue” that keeps “the UW CSE family” together!

Among the faculty and alum attendees at the Golde celebration were Jean-Loup Baer (faculty), Janet Geoffroy (M.S. 1970), Hellmut Golde (faculty), Dick Hamlet (Ph.D. 1971), Bob Herriot (ex-faculty), Garry Kampen (Ph.D. 1973), Tom Kuffel (1970’s CSE ski day participant), Ed Lazowska (faculty), Judy Maleng (M.S. 1971), Margarete Noe (Jerre’s wife), David Notkin (faculty), Gary Sager (Ph.D. 1972), Alan Shaw (faculty), Sally Swedine (M.S. 1971), Steve Tanimoto (faculty), John Torode (Ph.D. 1972), and Mary Zosel (Ph.D. 1971).