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PhotoCity in Xconomy

PhotoCity – a research effort and online game developed by faculty and students at the University of Washington and Cornell to capture a virtual 3D world from millions of cell phone photographs – was most recently featured in Xconomy.

“Building on a previous program called Photo Tourism [the core technology of Microsoft’s Photosyth] that pieces together photos culled from Flickr into virtual 3D models, PhotoCity is a ‘capture the flag’-esque game that re-creates sections of campuses or city blocks, or, eventually, entire cities, from user-generated photos.”

Photocity is the work of UW graduate students Kathleen Tuite and Dun-Yu Hsiao, UW undergraduate students Nadine Tabing and Sylvia Tashev, UW faculty members Zoran Popovic and Steve Seitz, and Cornell faculty member and former UW graduate student Noah Snavely.

Read the Xconomy article here.