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Congratulations and thanks to Russ Arun!

Each year, Microsoft bestows three “Technical Recognition Awards”:

  • “Career Achievement” for exceptional and lasting contributions that span a lifetime.
  • “Outstanding Technical Achievement” to a team for a high-impact contribution.
  • “Outstanding Technical Leadership” for spearheading a breakthrough initiative.

As with many awards, the Microsoft Technical Recognition Awards involve both recognition and a prize.  An innovative aspect is that the prize is given to a charitable organization designated by the individual.

This year, Russ Arun was honored with the Outstanding Technical Leadership Award.   We’re extremely grateful that Russ  and his wife Radhika chose to direct a portion of their prize to UW Computer Science & Engineering.   Congratulations to Russ, and thanks to Russ and Radhika.

The Microsoft Technical Recognition Awards are now in their fourth year, and in each of those years, one of the recipients has directed a portion of his prize to UW CSE!

Thanks to Microsoft, and to our many friends there!