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UW College of Engineering “Diamond Awards”

Tapan Parikh

Loren Carpenter

Ed Lazowska, Tapan Parikh, Loren Carpenter

Each year, the University of Washington College of Engineering recognizes the achievements of five extraordinary alums with “Diamond Awards.”

This year, two of the five awardees were CSE alums.  At a ceremony on Friday night, 1976 M.S. alum Loren Carpenter received the Diamond Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence for his many contributions to digital animation, and 2007 Ph.D. alum Tapan Parikh received the Early Career Diamond Award for his work in harnessing technology to empower people in the developing world.

Wonderful videos were prepared describing the accomplishments of both Loren and Tapan.  Tapan’s video is here — Pixar doesn’t want you to see Loren’s.

Tapan and Loren each made wonderful acceptance remarks.  Tapan’s remarks are here; Loren’s are here.

Congratulations to Loren and Tapan!