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UW CSE Spring Picnic, May 21

John Zahorjan

Gaetano Borriello

Anup Rao

Luis Ceze

Dan Grossman

This year, the UW CSE ACM student chapter replaced the traditional faculty dunk tank with a faculty pie toss.  Lots of good licks were had by all.

Victims included professors Dan “Was That Really Your Best Shot?” Grossman; Luis “I Think I May Have Messed My Pants” Ceze; Anup “Maybe I Should Have Given An Easier Final Exam In CSE 421” Rao; Gaetano “Take Him Out With The Trash, He’s Already Bagged” Borriello; and John “This Was My Only Clean Shirt” Zahorjan.

Photos by Ed “On The Smart Side of the Lens” Lazowska.

Other photographs of the event, by a real photographer (Bruce Hemingway) with a real camera, here.