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dub at UIST 2010

Nearly 20% of the papers at UIST 2010 (the ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology) have authors/co-authors from dub – UW’s cross-campus alliance of faculty and students exploring Human-Computer Interaction and Design.  Congratulations to all of dub, the authors of these 7 papers, and their collaborators at other institutions:
  • Content-Aware Dynamic Timeline for Video Browsing (UW: Suporn Pongnumkul / Adobe: Jue Wang / Microsoft: Gonzalo Ramos, Michael Cohen)
  • Cosaliency: Where People Look When Comparing Images (Stanford: David E. Jacobs / UW + Adobe: Eli Shechtman / Adobe: Dan B Goldman)
  • Enhanced Area Cursors: Reducing Fine-Pointing Demands for People with Motor Impairments (UW: Leah Findlater, Alex Jansen, Kristen Shinohara, Morgan Dixon, Peter Kamb, Joshua Rakita, Jacob Wobbrock)
  • Gestalt: Integrated Support for Implementation and Analysis in Machine Learning Processes (UW: Kayur Patel, Naomi Bancroft, James Fogarty, Amy Ko, James Landay / Microsoft: Steven Drucker)
  • SqueezeBlock: Using Virtual Springs in Mobile Devices for Eyes-Free Interaction (UW: Sidhant Gupta, Tim Campbell, Shwetak Patel / Intel Labs Seattle: Jeffrey Hightower)
  • TurKit: Human Computation Algorithms on Mechanical Turk (MIT: Greg Little, Max Goldman, Robert Miller / UW: Lydia Chilton)
  • VizWiz: Nearly Real-time Answers to Visual Questions (University of Rochester: Jeffrey Bigham, Hanjie Ji, Robin Miller, Samual White / UW: Chandrika Jayant / MIT: Greg Little, Rob Miller, Aubrey Tatarowicz / University of Central Florida: Andrew Miller / University of Maryland: Brandyn White, Tom Yeh)