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“A Micro-Century of Computational Miscellany”

After more than 25 years on the UW CSE faculty (preceded by stints at Purdue and Yale), Larry Snyder marked his retirement with a valedictory lecture on June 2 2010, attended by more than 100 friends and colleagues.

Larry advertised the talk, “A Micro-Century of Computational Miscellany,” as follows:

“A micro-century (uC) is 52.6 minutes, the optimum length for a college lecture in the opinion of people who worry about such things. A valedictory lecture, a concept with a British pedigree, is a ponderous speech on an arcane topic of no apparent interest to anyone but the speaker. (Retiring academics, after several thousand micro-centuries in the classroom, are wonderfully well prepared to deliver them.) Miscellany, of course, is a collection of diverse things, odds and ends with no unifying theme.

“In this decidedly non-technical talk, I describe interesting odds and ends about computing that have caught my attention over the years, because, unfortunately, the dog ate my notes for the originally planned lecture:   ‘Apposition or Opposition: Dialectic Analysis of ‘binary’ in Post-modernist Computer Science Thought.'”

Thanks to Larry for nearly three decades of contributions to UW CSE!  See photos of the event here.