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dub at Ubicomp 2010

Dub — UW’s cross-campus alliance of faculty and students exploring Human-Computer Interaction and Design — will have another strong showing at Ubicomp 2010 this year, a top Ubiquitous Computing conference.  There are 6 accepted papers from dub members,  two of which have been nominated for the best paper award.  Congratulations to all of dub, the authors of these 6 papers, and their collaborators at other institutions:

  • Augmenting On-Screen Instructions with Micro-Projected Guides: When it Works, and When it Fails  (UW:  Shaun K. Kane, Jacob O. Wobbrock / Intel Research:  Daniel Avrahami / CMU + Intel Research:  Stephanie Rosenthal)
  • ElectriSense: Single-Point Sensing Using EMI for Electrical Event Detection and Classification in the Home  (Nominated for Best Paper)  (UW:  Sidhant Gupta, Shwetak Patel / Duke:  Matt S. Reynolds)
  • SNUPI: Sensor Nodes Utilizing Powerline Infrastructure (Nominated for Best Paper)  (UW:  Gabe Cohn, Jagdish Pandey, Brian Otis, Shwetak Patel / GA Tech:  Erich Stuntebeck, Gregory D. Abowd)
  • WATTR: A method for self-powered wireless sensing of water activity in the home (UW:  Timothy Campbell, Ramses Alcaide, Eric Larson, Shwetak Patel)
  • The Wi-Fi Privacy Ticker: Improving Awareness & Control of Personal Information Exposure on Wi-Fi (UW + Intel:  Jaeyeon Jung / Intel:  Sunny Consolvo, Ben Greenstein, Pauline Powledge, Daniel Avrahami / UC Davis:  Gabriel Maganis)
  • TCBI: The Design and Evaluation of a Task-Centered Battery Interface (UW:  Julie Kientz, Amanda Fonville / UToronto:  Khai Truong, Alyssa Rosenzweig, Tim Smith / Nokia:  Timothy Sohn)