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UW CSE’s Yoky Matsuoka is UW Medicine’s “2010 Emerging Inventor of the Year”

Yoky Matsuoka, the Torode Family Endowed Career Development Professor in Computer Science & Engineering, has been recognized by UW Medicine as the 2010 Emerging Inventor of the Year.  Yoky will be honored at a reception on October 26th.

“Dr. Matsuoka pursues a broad range of activity that, in the ultimate application, would lead to the development of artificial devices that augment human capabilities under neural control.  In a very important step along this path, she is developing an anatomically correct robotic hand to investigate the neural control of human hand movements.  The goal of this work is a prosthetic hand capable of executing detailed hand movements autonomously or with natural neural signals.  Her work is highly interdisciplinary, including the development of chronically implantable neural interfaces, as well as the mechanical, electrical, and computer systems needed to operate and control such devices.”

Announcement of Yoky’s selection here.  Information on the recognition event here.  Information on Yoky’s research here.