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Seattle developers release new open source tool to combat ballot fatigue

UW CSE Professor Alan Borning and CSE grad student Travis Kriplean, as part of the research conducted by the Engage project, have unveiled a new website devoted to promote civic engagement. It’s based on their open-source ConsiderIt platform.

The Living Voters Guide, funded by the National Science Foundation, lets citizens discuss and share information by letting them work together to write their own voters guide.   Its purpose is to help Washington voters to make decisions about the many and complex statewide initiatives on the ballot this November.  The Living Voters Guide provides an interactive online platform for all Washingtonians to express their values and concerns, read contrasting ideas, weigh pros and cons, and reach decisions that are informed by community wisdom.

Read the press release hereWashington News Council hereSeattle Times here.  UW’s The Daily here.