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Computer Science is for everyone!

Would you consider a job at a tech startup that posted on Craigslist with the headline:

Need a bikini booth babe for UW Career Fair

If so, then you and LetsDivvy deserve each other. This sort of offensive, degrading, misogynistic, sophomoric nonsense has no place in our society, in our field, or on our campus.

Read the full Craigslist post here (pdf) – it only gets worse.  (This is a pdf of the original post, which was dated October 26th.  The post was revised on October 28th.)

Some related reading here (pdf).

[LetsDivvy has asked us to note that no one in a bikini actually worked their booth at the UW SEBA career fair.  Their revised Craigslist post is here [post no longer exists].]