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“Influx of Silicon Valley branch offices churns up hot competition for Puget Sound talent”

The Puget Sound Business Journal and its partner TechFlash report on the computer science job market.

“David Truong, a 21-year-old University of Washington student from Kirkland, faces an uncertain future as he looks ahead to entering the workforce, hoping the remain in the region where he grew up.  His biggest challenge:  choosing among the multiple companies interested in hiring him. … Truong is a computer science major who has already started making his mark with internships at Intel, Lockheed Martin and Microsoft.  And the competition for people like him is only becoming more fierce. …

“Speaking after a recent UW appearance, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer acknowledged that the new influx of Silicon Valley firms will be looking to lure engineers from his company.  ‘Why would anyone open up in Seattle, Washington?’ Ballmer said.  ‘Answer:  Microsoft and the University of Washington.’

Read the full article in TechFlash herePSBJ version here (pdf).