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Ed Felten: Local Boy Makes Good

A terrific article in the Princeton Alumni Weekly on the Center for Information Technology Policy, directed by UW CSE Ph.D. alumnus Ed Felten.

“The center’s interests extend well beyond voting machines. CITP’s director and driving force is Ed Felten, an affable, boyish-looking 47-year-old who holds joint appointments in computer science and public affairs. One of his claims to fame came in 2000, when he testified that Microsoft’s Internet Explorer Web browser could be detached from the Windows operating system, thereby assisting the U.S. government in its historic antitrust case. More recently, he and his graduate students have shaken up the computer-security world with a string of striking papers. In 2006, they demonstrated that a method Sony was using to protect its DVDs from piracy introduced security risks in users’ computers. In 2008, they showed that hackers could steal information from a laptop even when it was turned off.”

Read the full article here.